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Lease Option

The term Lease Option is known by several other names, such as rent-to-own, and lease with option to buy. Basically, all of these have the same meaning.

How did it all begin? Many years ago, an entrepreneur devised a crazy plan for moving his otherwise difficult to sell inventory. He was attempting to sell televisions at a time when the economy was in terrible shape. He was a very intelligent businessman, and he knew that people had an "I want it, and I want it now" mentality. In addition, he had observed that people could afford to make monthly payments, but just could not seem to save enough money to purchase his product outright. So he began advertising his televisions in the newspaper as "Rent-To-Own, Just $100 down and easy payments of $50 per month for 12 months." Since he was providing financing to assist the buyer, he could demand a higher sales price. From that point on, he did not have any problems selling his televisions.

Not that long ago, people interested in buying or selling real estate with favorable terms made every effort to seek out a contract for deed. These were quick, easy to get and usually simple for both the buyer and seller. Today a contract for deed agreement is considered to be a "Model-T Ford," while the Lease Option contract is similar it’s quicker; it’s easier and less complicated for both buyer and seller.

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